The Future of the health and wellness industry.

Follow me if you will, on a journey, a journey filled with wonder and fantasy to a place in the very near future. Most of us in the health and wellness industry find ourselves in a very important place in the history of scientific evolution. Our industry is one of the fastest growing and most profitable in the service centered fields and this puts us in that sweat spot to affect the innovations of tomorrow.  The idealism of the next generation and the will of the enormous aging population has taken what was two separate fields and blended them into one. A seamless symbiotic relationship between strength and health that has changed how our industry will need to view its future. As a populous in whole we have begun the tremendous shift to automation, be it at fast food restaurants or grocery stores and those who are last to the autonomous party will be stuck paying the bill for those who get there first. My vision of a future health and wellness facility starts with the automation of all functions that can be automated. No front desk attendants instead you will have rfid readers that prompt an AI to great you at the door by name. Accessing your smart device / chip in your wrist etc. to gather information then asking the member to use the facial recognition function on there mobile application to unlock the facility. Non-members will still be scanned and asked to install the application and purchase a day pass, sent via push notification.

The member will pull up their personalized work out, likely on smart glasses and begin the warmup section of the prescription. Once they reach the first exercise location the AI will recognize, via entire facility rfid location sensors, that they arrived and begin playing the personal trainer video on the members smart glasses, wall display, or a personal display located on the work out machine. At the same time the nonmember was prompted by the facility to head to the assessment room. Here they will be instructed to begin a barrage of tests completed on IOT devices that instantly push the data to the club’s software for evaluation. Each of these tests will be explained by the AI personal trainer on a display for the nonmember to follow. Once complete the data from the tests will be extrapolated and a customized work out plan will be prescribed to the prospective member based on the guest’s goals and the results of their testing. Of course, a suggested timeline and appropriate membership will be offered to the nonmember at this time. Upon acceptance of the membership contract via DocuSign type technology on the new members smart device the facilities software will begin completion of required waivers as well as a complete parq and nutrition questionnaire. A comprehensive dietary plan will be built based on the results of all the questions and tests so the new member will have a complete health and wellness plan moving forward to achieve the goals set by the new member.

As our two members move through their workout routine they will be constantly pushed by the AI trainer and tracked by the smart facility to insure accurate work outs and data analytics.  As members progress and gain strength and lose weight, the system will track the improvements and keep them updated within there member portal application. Complete with a personalized avatar that represents their current physique and changes as they do. As their work outs come to fruition they will be prompted to head over to the recovery room where mechanized massage stations will perform full body massages. Recovery shakes will be available from an automated vending machine that can be purchased directly through the mobile application simply by passing the imbedded rfid chip across a payment pad. Merchandise is also available for purchase on the mobile application and can be picked up at the facility from the merch vending machines located throughout the facility. The IOT enabled hardware throughout the facility will perform self-diagnostics hourly and upload information into the software for monitoring. On the way out the members smile and wave to the sole employee who is steadily cleaning the work out equipment.

This may seem far fetched but here at Visual ClubMate we expect to have these technologies completed within 3-5 years. Many of these functions are already developed and the remainder are in development now. Visit our website and request a demonstration if you are interested in doubling your retention and new memberships while demolishing your bottom-line!

How organizing competitions at your club can substantially increase member retention rate

People nowadays have a lot of options when choosing a gym or health club, so they have no problem leaving your club after a month and switching to a new one, unless you, as an owner or manager, can offer him what he needs to keep coming back: a sense of community.

One of the best ways to make your customers feel that they belong is to create a strong tie not only with your gym or health club, but with the other members as well. The best way to achieve this is to host regular competitions, where you invite your members to participate both in singles and team events.

Singles events are useful when it comes to creating healthy competition between your members, who no matter the result, will always want to come back for more, whether it’s to defeat other members or simply defend a title. No matter the reason, you can be certain that, once they are hooked on the events you are organizing, they’ll regularly come to the gym to train and get better for the next one.

While singles events create healthy competition, the team ones will help strengthen the bonds between your members. You can set many rules and parameters to help build your community such as all teams are randomly created in the day of the event. This way, members who’ve never talked to each other will get a chance to get acquainted and maybe even create new friendships. Now that your members have gotten to know each other, they will start feeling like being part of a family, which will be much harder to leave.

Setting up these events flawlessly is very important, if you want your members to keep attending. A good gym management software, like Visual ClubMate, which has special built-in functions for these types of events, can help speed up the process and ensure that your event runs smoothly.

With Visual ClubMate, you can forget about pen and paper registration. Create the events, sign-up sheets, ladders and competition draws directly online. This will allow your members to easily register and track the results during the competition, thus offering them a better experience.

This is just one on the many features that make Visual ClubMate one of the best gym management software on the market and specializes in maximizing member retention.

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This gym software feature will hook your members for life

Finding the right gym for you isn’t always an easy thing. It’s the place where you’re going to spend a lot of time, energy and money, so picking a place where you feel comfortable is crucial. Otherwise, you end up canceling your membership after only a couple of months and move on to the next gym.

In the last 5 years I’ve switched gyms 4 times, and not because I’m a tough customer.  The quality of the equipment and services was above average, the prices reasonable and the crowd pleasant.  What more do you want from a gym, you might ask. How about some good, if not great, staff interaction?

The first contact you have with the gym, as a client, is with the front desk staff. At first, everyone is all smiles, and ready to help you with anything, but after a few weeks, once you become a “regular”, they begin to show their true face. How many times have you walked into a gym and found the front desk staff with their face buried into their phone or flirting with the personal trainers? Too many times. And it just ruins your entire workout. This was exactly the reason why I gave up on the first three gyms.

The staff of the forth gym wasn’t all that different and I was ready to cancel my membership, when something amazing happened.

It was my birthday, but also leg day, so I had to go do my workout.  I got to the gym, went to the front desk, gave the staff my name (they had no software, just some Excel spreadsheets) and received my towels. Just as I was about to head to the lockers, the receptionist gave me a big smile and said “Happy Birthday!”, after which she handed me a small gift bag, which contained a pair of gym gloves.

Needless to say, at that point they won me as a customer for life. Not because of that free pair of gloves, or because the girl at the front desk smiled for the first time in over a month, but because I knew that somebody at that gym cared enough to know when my birthday was.

After some time, I learned that in order to keep track of all the birthdays, one of the women working at the front desk created a spreadsheet file which contained all the birthdays of the members. Then, at the start of each year, she would mark them on a calendar which sat on the desk.

Yes, the staff invested a lot of time into this, but at the end of the day it was worth it. I haven’t changed gyms since, and each time I go there I see a lot of long time regulars.

Is this something you want to do in your gym? If so, don’t rush to grab your pen and calendar just yet, as nowadays you have a much simpler solution.

Visual ClubMate, our gym management software, has a built-in solution that helps you identify members birthdays in mere seconds. As soon as one of your members checks in, an alert appears on your PC screen, informing your staff of a member’s birthday. This way, all you have to do is prepare gift bags in advance, and present them when necessary.

You can also use Visual ClubMate’s reports system to immediately generate a file with birthdays for each month of the year. You will never miss one a member birthday again, even if that person doesn’t come to train on that day. Even a simple text message will show them that you care.

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