24/7 access and multiple check-in options? Yes, with Visual Clubmate™

24/7 access and multiple check-in options? Yes, with Visual Clubmate™

When selecting your gym access control system, you first have to check if your management software integrates seamlessly with your chosen hardware. Unfortunately, we still live in a time when not all software is created equal and many have fallen behind in this arena.

When you begin planning your facilities renovation and changing the access control system, you might find yourself needing to invest in a new management software as well.

Luckily there are several software’s out there that do the job well like Visual Clubmate™ . There software allows you to install virtually any type of access control systems including barcode scanner, RFID, biometrics, keypad and Bluetooth, which can be used for front-desk, turnstile and interlocking doors. The system is proprietary and all parts are integrated flawlessly to create a fast and accurate access to check-in system.  The software also allows you to assign different access hours to different membership plans.

Biometrics check-in

Visual Clubmate™, connected to BioStation 2, will allow you to offer your members 24/7 access to your facility using biometrics check-in. Whether it’s fingerprint identification or facial recognition, Visual Clubmate™ offers you and your members a secure check-in method. The BioStation 2 can hold up to 500,000 maximum users and 3,000,000 logs for backup in case of a connection loss to server, in order to safely guard all records.

RFID check-in

With Visual Clubmate™ you can also use state of the art RFID technology to allow your members 24/7 access. Cards, key fobs and even mobile phones can be used to interact with the door access hardware.


Keypad check-in

The 4 or 6-digit passcode used to be one of the best and most secure check-in options before the implementation of biometrics. While this method isn’t as popular as a single solution anymore, Visual Clubmate™ still offers it as a backup and nonmember check-in solution.

Bluetooth check-in

The future is upon us and the hardware we use today will likely be replaced by smart phone technologies almost completely. No longer will you use member cards or key fobs or barcodes but a button within your mobile application will send a blue tooth signal to the door access and unlock the door for you. This is not some advanced technology it is available today and could save you thousands of dollars a year on key fobs or member cards. Visual Clubmate™ has built a fully automated system to operate 24-hour facilities at minimal cost while producing maximum revenue.


Access reporting

Visual Clubmate™ In a world of big data, knowing who checks in to your facility and when, allows you to decipher the commonality between check in times and client demographics producing successfully managed facilities.

  • Better manage your staffing resources, by using them during the peak hours
  • Identify members whose visitation has dropped off and act before you lose them
  • Identify off-peak hours and create memberships that target these specific hours, to increase traffic
  • Identify members whose memberships are about to expire and contact them about renewal.

Fitness software data breach impacts over 100 million! Are your customers at risk?

Negligence and lack of protocol may be attributed to the exposure of over hundred million user records.

Why negligence?

Because servers that were responsible for storing sensitive, private user information did not even have a basic password configured.

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MindBody-owned FitMetrix exposed millions of user records — thanks to servers without passwords

MINDBODY Co Data Breach Could Impact 113.5M Users


At Visual ClubMate™, we believe that member privacy should be a top priority for every club management solution! That is why our enterprise technology software solution adheres to the highest standards of user data protection, is PCI compliant, and its online infrastructure is SSAE 16 SOC-2 Type II and HIIPA certified.

Switch to Visual ClubMate™ today, to start enjoying the unparalleled benefits of a secure enterprise technology software solution.