Why Members Are Not “Checking-in” at Your Gym and How to Change That

More and more people are going to the gym these days, after becoming very health conscious. This has led to gyms springing up like mushrooms after the rain and a fierce battle over customers.  Thus, reaching out to members has become key in order for a gym to remain competitive.

The Internet has become the best way to reach out to both existing member and potential customers. And while traditional online advertising is still effective, social media is the best way to go, given that people access Facebook or Twitter all the time. Here’s how you should run your social media accounts in order to engage you members.

First thing you need to do is to select a campaign topic, what makes your gym stand out from the rest. Is it bodybuilding, strength training, bootcamps, post pregnancy recovery? Do a brainstorming with your staff and come up with the best message to spread around the social media platforms. First, you need to make sure your members can find you on these platforms, so be sure to advertise them both on your website and inside your gym.

Next thing to do is to adapt your message for each social media platform. With Facebook you could try to reach out to your members’ friends. With Twitter, the best way to go is to use some witty one-liners. On Pinterest, you should focus on spreading your message using images, while on Youtube you should use the best videos that can help you convey this message. Be very careful when choosing the images and videos, as they have to target your entire audience. Try using them to show people how your gym stands apart from the rest, and post “before and after” images of your members so that people can see how effective your methods are.

Posting without engagement won’t give you the desired results, so, apart from showing how great your gym is, you have to find a way to make your members like and share your posts. Giving them perks, like free towels or t-shirts for likes and shares on your social media sites is a great way to increase engagement and spread your message to potential customers as well.

You should also encourage your members to “check-in” every time they visit your gym by offering them free personal training and other perks.

The best “engagement” you can get online is a review. Encouraging your members to share their experiences in your gym will be one of the best ways to attract new customers and retain old ones.

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