Sales in a short story!

One day a young boy was walking down an inconspicuous street minding his own business when he came across the most unreasonable wall. Now this wall had been there for a very long time and behind it was said to be the most audacious treasure imaginable. Many men had attempted to breach the wall, some tried to clime it others dig under it. Some even attempted to brake it down yet none were successful. The wall was all but impregnable with the only entrance to the riches behind, a gate with the most unfavorable temper. Legend told that the only way to enter and take the treasure was by persuading the gate to let you through, so as expected multitudes of people stopped at the gate daily to ask for access, all were denied quickly and sent on their way just as swift. As the young boy approached the gate he saw that is was very angry or sad perhaps, certainly not chipper so he stopped to inquire the reason for the poor hinged goliath’s melancholy.  The conversation began guarded as ever but the boy was determined to help the poor gate so he listened quietly as the gate professed his great fortitude against the masses and told his story of persistence and strength. As time passed the gates frown turned to a smile and the mood shifted and hearts opened. After much discussion and a few laughs the boy thanked the gate for his time and wished him well. The gate so enamored with the conversational skills of the young boy asked quietly how he had learned to speak with such eloquence.  With true humility the boy replied, “I did no such thing, you spoke I simply listened. Disturbed by the pure politeness of the boy the gate asked very sincerely “Do you not want to take the treasure that lies behind me?” to which the boy replied “O no good sir, I would never take anything from a friend, as we have become just that over the past span of time, without it being offered to me first!” The gate opened and the boy gathered up the treasure and returned often for conversation and more riches.

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