How organizing competitions at your club can substantially increase member retention rate

People nowadays have a lot of options when choosing a gym or health club, so they have no problem leaving your club after a month and switching to a new one, unless you, as an owner or manager, can offer him what he needs to keep coming back: a sense of community.

One of the best ways to make your customers feel that they belong is to create a strong tie not only with your gym or health club, but with the other members as well. The best way to achieve this is to host regular competitions, where you invite your members to participate both in singles and team events.

Singles events are useful when it comes to creating healthy competition between your members, who no matter the result, will always want to come back for more, whether it’s to defeat other members or simply defend a title. No matter the reason, you can be certain that, once they are hooked on the events you are organizing, they’ll regularly come to the gym to train and get better for the next one.

While singles events create healthy competition, the team ones will help strengthen the bonds between your members. You can set many rules and parameters to help build your community such as all teams are randomly created in the day of the event. This way, members who’ve never talked to each other will get a chance to get acquainted and maybe even create new friendships. Now that your members have gotten to know each other, they will start feeling like being part of a family, which will be much harder to leave.

Setting up these events flawlessly is very important, if you want your members to keep attending. A good gym management software, like Visual ClubMate, which has special built-in functions for these types of events, can help speed up the process and ensure that your event runs smoothly.

With Visual ClubMate, you can forget about pen and paper registration. Create the events, sign-up sheets, ladders and competition draws directly online. This will allow your members to easily register and track the results during the competition, thus offering them a better experience.

This is just one on the many features that make Visual ClubMate one of the best gym management software on the market and specializes in maximizing member retention.

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